Glamour Zone - Javed Khan's Academy of Acting and Modeling has been running successfully from the past 5yrs in Bhopal. Over 100 students have already taken the training and are making a name for themselves in the Glamour world.

Mr. Ravi Chopra - Able son of the doyen of the film industry, B.R.Chopra. He brought the biggest epic "MAHABHARAT" to the small screen and had just given the blockbuster hit "BAGHBAAN".
Mr. David Dhavan - No. 1 Commercial Films Director.
Mr. Shashi Ranjan - Conveyor - Indian Television Academy, Mumbai.
Mr. Rumi Jaffery - Script & Dialogue Writer, Directed "God Tussi Great Ho" with Amitabh Bachan / Salman Khan.
Mr. Bijondas Gupta - Famous Art Director.
Mr. Deep Dillon - Actor, Jr Secretary Cine & TV Artist Association, Mumbai .
Mr. Roshan Taneja - First Head of the Department of Acting at FTII, Pune.

Sunil Vishwakarma - whose film "Bewafai Yaar Ki", as a leading man has just released.
Anuradha Rao - Ad Films, Serials.
Neelam - Mega Hit Serials "Jhansi Ki Rani".
Vaibhav Saxena - Selected For Gladrags Mega Model Hunt & Serials.
Krishnakant Hegde - International Ad Films, Ramp Shows, Films.
Vinay Tiwari - Signed for Serial by High Defination Films.
Dhiraj Kambra - Assisting Ace Photographer Munna S and Satish Kaushik .
Tarun Bundela & Vipul Bundela - Signed a Contract with SAREGAMA Music Co. to Compose, Sing and Act in their Music Album.

01. Naseeruddin Shah
02. Ompuri
04. Sudhir Pandey
05. Rajendra Gupta
06. Satish Shah
07. Johney Lever
08. Irfan Khan
09. Deep Dhillon
10. Rakesh Bedi

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Glamour Zone- Javed Khan's Academy of Acting & Modeling has the biggest Talent Bank of trained artistes anywhere in M.P. & Chhattisgarh, but there are still many artistes from theatre and other fields in Bhopal and other areas who are trying to make a career in the Glamour World of films and Television and do not have the correct guidance, knowledge or a strong association to represent them and hence are constantly in the dark or are exploited by the so called coordinators and tauts. We are bringing all the aspiring artistes of all ages under one umbrella in the form of an Artistes Association of M.P. & Chhattisgarh.

Before Glamour Zone was launched in 2005, there were hardly any Producers coming to shoot in Bhopal and other places, but after the students of GZ started to make a name for themselves in Mumbai and with the constant efforts of Shri. Javed Khan to convince Producers and Directors to come to shoot in M.P., they finally came, not only to shoot for just some sequences but to shoot the entire films. The feedback given by great stalwarts like Shri Ravi Chopra, popular Directors like David Dhawan after they had visited Bhopal as Guests of Javed Khan for the functions of Glamour Zone prompted makers like SOORAJ BARJATIYA (RAJSHRI FILMS), PRAKASH JHA AND AAMIR KHAN to shoot in Bhopal and M.P., besides this scores of other smaller producers of films and serial also realized the benefits of shooting in Bhopal. But unfotunately the artistes of M.P. & CG got a raw deal and were exploited in terms of roles and payments. Many approached Shri. Javed Khan with their grievances as he was the biggest name and the most experienced of the artisted from M.P. & CG, but nothing could be done without a united body of artistes. Hence the need to launch GZAAMP&CG.


The Association will be a registered body under the aegis of GLAMOUR ZONE CULTURE AND EDUCATION SOCIETY (Reg. No. 17876, Govt. of M.P.) The Association intends to work with the support and like the CINE AND TV ARTISTES ASSOCIATION, (CINTAA) IN MUMBAI, the parent organization of all artistes. The Association intends to bring together all existing coordinators of Bhopal for a broader aim of getting the best for the talent from M.P. & CG and not letting anyone exploit or cheat the artistes and has already invited those who are active and known. To make the artistes get a better deal the association will act as coordinators between the Producers and the artistes. To keep the artistes well informed regarding auditions and the requirements of the Producers. Artistes do not have to depend on tauts or agents (who cheat them of their money which they receive on behalf of the artistes). The Association intends to have a liason office in Mumbai so the Producers can contact us in the initial stages of planning. The liason office will provide videos and photos of all the locations wanted by the producer and get the necessary permissions etc, arrange for boarding and lodging of the unit and actors, provide transport, shooting and travel arrangements and provide a Talent Bank of artistes from 4 yrs to 70 yrs as per the need of the producer. The liason office will be in constant touch with the Producer and Directors in Mumbai for films and serial and provide them with photos and showreels of the artistes. Once the artiste has been shortlisted then only they can come to Mumbai for finalisation. So the artistes can struggle in Mumbai without actually being in Mumbai. Logon to the website and register by following the instructions given.

However the Association will charge a nominal subscription fee.

The Association will look after the interest of the artistes and negotiate with the producer and ensure that they are paid the correct amounts and receive their dues, for which the Association will take a small percentage from the artiste’s remuneration.

The Association guarantees protection against exploitation and misuse of the artistes professionally, but will not be responsible for their personal lifes.

All members must work towards strengthening the hands of the Association by keeping us informed of all the work that they do and updating their profiles and not fall prey to the agents and tauts who are around.

The Association will strife to see that producers who come to shoot work only with the members of the GZAAMP&CG.

FREE REGISTRATION FOR GLAMOUR ZONE ARTISTES ASSOCIATION OF M.P. & Chhattisgarh (GZAAMP&CG): Just go thru the website carefully and answer the three easy questions. Then email your answers with your resume and recent postcard size photo to -

Q 1. What was the name of Javed Khan's first film ?

Q 2. Who has said in the videos shown "Madhya Pradesh ke gaurav Javed Khan" ?

Q 3. For what purpose did Shri. Ravi Chopra come to Glamour Zone Academy in Bhopal.

All Correct answers will be eligible for registration, so go through the website carefully.